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  • How can I contact Epic Produce Sales?

    Please see our contact section and just call or e-mail us, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • What are the countries that you are exporting product to?

    We are currently exporting product of the USA to Mexico and Canada. We also import Mexican product into the USA. We are working to export product into other countries, and also on importing product from Latin America to the USA.

  • What border crossing do you use?

    We use all points of entry between the US and Mexico, we understand that the requirements by point of entry change depending on the product, that is why we have specialized personnel for this matter

  • Do you specialize in certain products??

    We specialize in all fresh fruits and vegetables, however, we are always working on increasing the number of products that we can offer

  • My company is new, how can I work with Epic?

    We are always open to working with new companies. We would be happy to evaluate your needs and offer a solution to your company

  • Do you represent growers?

    We are always open to expanding our grower relations. We specialize in introducing grower product to new markets.

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Epic is a purveyor of fresh fruits and vegetables from all major growing areas...

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